PREQUENZA isn't just another veterinary product; it's a powerful and safe solution specifically designed to enhance the health and well-being of horses and camels. Currently available for purchase on the Saffron website, this innovative product offers a unique and effective approach to animal care.

What truly sets PREQUENZA apart is its meticulously crafted formula. Combining essential elements carefully chosen for their beneficial properties, PREQUENZA works synergistically to address various health concerns in horses and camels. These carefully selected ingredients provide targeted support for key bodily functions, promoting overall well-being and optimal health.

By choosing PREQUENZA, you can be confident in providing your equine and camelid companions with the best possible care. Its effectiveness and safety, coupled with its convenient availability on the Saffron website, make PREQUENZA the ideal choice for responsible animal owners seeking to nurture the health and vitality of their beloved animals.

Remember, investing in your animal's health is an investment in their happiness and longevity. Choose PREQUENZA and experience the difference it can make in the life of your horse or camel.

contains purified antigens of the Prague 56 (100AU), Newmarket 1/93 (50AU), Newmarket 2/93 (50AU) strains and 40 Lf Tetanus toxoid

Onset of immunity:

2 weeks after completion of the primary vaccination course.

Duration of immunity:

5 months after completion of the primary vaccination course.

12 months after the first revaccination.

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