Oxyfen-LA: Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial for Racing Horses and Camels

Keywords: Oxyfen-LA, antibacterial, injection, respiratory infections, diarrhea, pneumonia, racing horses, camels

Oxyfen-LA is a long-acting injectable antibiotic used in veterinary medicine to treat a broad spectrum of bacterial infections in racing horses and camels. Its sustained release formulation provides effective and convenient treatment for various bacterial conditions that can affect these high-performance animals.


  • Broad-spectrum activity: Oxyfen-LA effectively combats a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria commonly encountered in racing horses and camels. This makes it a versatile medication suitable for treating various bacterial infections.
  • Long-acting effect: A single injection of Oxyfen-LA provides sustained antibacterial activity for several days, minimizing the need for frequent injections and improving treatment compliance.
  • Effective against common infections: Oxyfen-LA is particularly effective against bacterial infections frequently encountered in racing horses and camels, including:
    • Respiratory infections: pneumonia, shipping fever
    • Gastrointestinal infections: diarrhea, enteritis
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Wound infections


  • Treatment of bacterial infections: Oxyfen-LA is commonly used to treat various bacterial infections in racing horses and camels, as mentioned in the benefits section.
  • Supportive therapy in viral diseases: In some cases, Oxyfen-LA can be used as part of a supportive treatment plan alongside antiviral medications to manage secondary bacterial infections that may arise during viral illnesses.


  • Food-producing animals: Oxyfen-LA is prohibited for use in food-producing animals due to potential residues in meat and milk, which can pose a public health risk.
  • Pregnant and lactating animals: Oxyfen-LA should not be administered to pregnant or lactating animals as it can potentially harm the developing fetus or newborn.
  • Animals with known hypersensitivity: If an animal is known to be allergic to any ingredients in Oxyfen-LA, it should not be administered.
  • Concurrent use with other medications: Consult a veterinarian before administering Oxyfen-LA alongside other medications, as potential interactions can occur.

Product Rating:

As a prescription medication, Oxyfen-LA's rating is not readily available for public consumption. However, its effectiveness in treating various bacterial infections in racing horses and camels, when used responsibly and under veterinary guidance, is well-established within the veterinary community.

Important Note:

Oxyfen-LA is a prescription medication and should only be administered under the guidance and supervision of a licensed veterinarian. This ensures proper diagnosis, appropriate dosage, and monitoring for potential side effects to maximize the benefits and minimize risks.

Remember, responsible antibiotic use is crucial to prevent the development of antibiotic resistance. Always consult your veterinarian for diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and proper withdrawal times before administering any medication to your animal.

Oxytetracycdine as HCI (B.P.). 200mg 33-g Ketoprofen (B.P.) INDICATIONS: Oxytetracycline is indlested in the treatment

Administer the following dose by deep intramuscular or subcutaneous injection only. Cattle / Buffalo / Sheep / Goat: 1ml per 10kg body weight (20mg per kg Oxytetracycline and 3mg per kg ketroprofen). Dosage may be repeated after 48 hours if required

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