Give Your Champion the Winning Edge: Introducing IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML

Does your equine athlete underperform due to fatigue or weakness? Are you concerned about their red blood cell health and oxygen circulation? IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML is a veterinarian-recommended nutritional supplement designed to support optimal performance and recovery in horses and camels.

Boost Energy and Stamina

IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML is a palatable, easy-to-administer paste packed with essential nutrients to address common equine health concerns. It's formulated with a targeted blend of iron and B vitamins, vital for healthy red blood cell production. Iron is a key component of hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen throughout the body. Increased red blood cell production translates to improved oxygen delivery to muscles, enhancing stamina, endurance, and overall performance.

When Your Horse Needs Extra Support

IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML is particularly beneficial for horses and camels undergoing periods of intense training or competition. These demanding activities can deplete iron stores and lead to anemia, characterized by fatigue, weakness, and decreased exercise tolerance. The readily absorbed iron in IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML helps replenish these vital reserves, promoting faster recovery and peak athletic performance.

Beyond Performance Enhancement

The benefits of IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML extend beyond the racetrack or show ring. Pregnant and lactating mares, as well as young foals, have a higher iron requirement. This supplement can be a valuable addition to their diet to support the development of healthy offspring and ensure optimal maternal health.

A Safe and Effective Formula

IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML is a veterinarian-approved product specifically formulated for horses and camels.  prioritizes the safety and well-being of your animal companions, using only the highest quality ingredients in their products.

Easy Administration and Convenient Dosing

IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML comes in a convenient, single-dose syringe for mess-free administration. The recommended dosage is:

  • Horses: 5ml per day (one syringe lasts 6 days)
  • Camels: 10ml per day (one syringe lasts 3 days)

Simple Storage

Store IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML in a cool, dry place (below 25°C) out of direct sunlight to maintain product quality and effectiveness.

Invest in Your Horse's Well-being

By incorporating IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML into your horse or camel's dietary regimen, you're providing them with the essential nutrients they need to achieve peak performance, support overall health, and experience a faster, more complete recovery after exertion. Contact your veterinarian today to discuss if IROL PLUS PASTE 30ML is the right choice for your equine champion.

3b103 Iron - 1,290mg

Horses: Feed 5ml per day - (1 syringe = 6 days)

Camels: Feed 10ml per day - (1 syringe = 3 days

Safe for racing, free of banned substances; consult veterinarian.

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