Fructosa 50R


Equipping your animal athletes with the right fuel is crucial for optimal performance and recovery. FRUCTOSA 50R, a veterinarian-recommended injectable solution, provides a powerful and readily available energy source to support your champions during intense training and competition.

Sustained Energy for Top Performance

FRUCTOSA 50R features a concentrated dose of fructose, a simple sugar that bypasses the digestive system for immediate uptake into the bloodstream. This rapid energy delivery system ensures your animal has the necessary fuel to perform at their peak, delaying fatigue and optimizing endurance. Unlike complex carbohydrates that require digestion, FRUCTOSA 50R provides a quick and efficient energy boost, allowing your animal to focus on what matters most – winning.

Beyond Energy: A Multifaceted Approach to Animal Wellness

FRUCTOSA 50R goes beyond just being a fast-acting energy source. The presence of fructose in the formula offers additional benefits that contribute to your animal's overall well-being. Fructose plays a role in replenishing glycogen stores, the primary energy source for muscles. By promoting glycogen resynthesis, FRUCTOSA 50R aids in faster muscle recovery after exercise, allowing your animal to get back in top shape quicker.

Furthermore, FRUCTOSA 50R boasts antioxidant properties that help combat free radicals produced during exercise. These free radicals can damage muscle tissue and hinder performance. By neutralizing them, FRUCTOSA 50R promotes optimal muscle health and function.

Who Can Benefit from FRUCTOSA 50R?

FRUCTOSA 50R is a veterinarian-administered solution specifically designed for equine and camel athletes. These animals often undergo rigorous training schedules and require a dependable energy source to maintain peak performance.

Safe and Effective: What's Inside?

FRUCTOSA 50R contains a 50% concentration of fructose as the active ingredient. The injectable solution is free from unnecessary additives or harsh chemicals, ensuring the safety and well-being of your animal.

How to Administer FRUCTOSA 50R

FRUCTOSA 50R is administered intravenously by a licensed veterinarian. The recommended dosage is typically 50-100 ml, depending on the animal's size and specific needs. Your veterinarian will determine the appropriate dosage and frequency of administration based on your animal's individual requirements.

Storage Recommendations

Store FRUCTOSA 50R in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to maintain a storage temperature between 4°C and 30°C (39°F and 86°F).

Customer Reviews Rave About FRUCTOSA 50R

Trainers and veterinarians consistently report positive experiences with FRUCTOSA 50R. Many users have observed a noticeable improvement in their animals' energy levels, stamina, and overall performance.

Elevate Your Animal's Performance with FRUCTOSA 50R

By providing a readily available energy source, supporting muscle recovery, and offering antioxidant benefits, FRUCTOSA 50R equips your animal athletes with the tools they need to excel. Consult your veterinarian today to see if FRUCTOSA 50R can be the winning formula for your champion.

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Fructosa 50R

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