Fatromycin R6 

Does your furry friend suffer from itchy, irritated skin? Constant scratching can be a sign of a bacterial infection, causing discomfort and frustration for both you and your pet. Fatromycin R6 is a veterinarian-recommended topical antibiotic ointment designed to provide fast relief for a variety of skin conditions in dogs and cats.

Soothe and Heal: Fatromycin R6 contains the powerful antibiotic erythromycin, effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria commonly associated with skin infections in pets. This targeted formula helps to quickly reduce inflammation and alleviate itching, promoting a faster healing process for your pet's skin.

Targeted Treatment: Fatromycin R6 is ideal for treating various skin conditions in cats and dogs, including:

  • Pyoderma (bacterial skin infection): This common condition often manifests as red, pustular bumps or patches on your pet's skin.
  • Wounds: Minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions can become infected, causing further discomfort. Fatromycin R6 can help prevent infection and promote healing.
  • Interdigital dermatitis (yeast or bacterial infection between the toes): This condition can be particularly itchy and uncomfortable for your pet. Fatromycin R6 can help combat bacterial involvement and provide relief.
  • Folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles): Bacterial folliculitis can cause red, raised bumps on your pet's skin. Fatromycin R6 can help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Easy Administration : Fatromycin R6 comes in a convenient ointment form for easy topical application. Simply clean and dry the affected area, then gently apply a thin layer of ointment to the skin. Dosage and frequency of application will be determined by your veterinarian based on the severity of the infection and your pet's individual needs. It's important to follow your veterinarian's instructions carefully for optimal results.

Safe and Effective: Fatromycin R6 is a safe and effective topical treatment for most cats and dogs. As with any medication, always consult your veterinarian before using Fatromycin R6, especially if your pet has any pre-existing medical conditions or is taking other medications.

Store Fatromycin R6 in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to maintain product efficacy.

Highly Rated by Veterinarians: Fatromycin R6 is a popular choice among veterinarians for its effectiveness in treating a variety of skin conditions in pets. Many pet owners have also reported positive experiences using Fatromycin R6 to bring relief and comfort to their furry companions.

Give your pet the relief they deserve. Ask your veterinarian about Fatromycin R6 today!


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