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COREBRAL: Enhanced Focus and Recovery for Peak Performance in Racing Horses and Camels

COREBRAL is a comprehensive nutritional supplement designed to support cognitive function, focus, and recovery in racing horses and camels. This advanced formula combines essential nutrients, antioxidants, and B vitamins to address the demanding mental and physical needs of these high-performance animals.

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced cognitive function: COREBRAL provides essential nutrients, such as choline and L-carnitine, which play a role in brain function and neurotransmitter production. These may contribute to improved focus, alertness, and learning ability during training and competition.
  • Reduced oxidative stress: Powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E and selenium combat free radicals produced during intense exercise, helping protect brain cells from damage and promoting cognitive health.
  • Improved energy production: B vitamins are crucial for energy metabolism and support nervous system function. Their presence in COREBRAL can contribute to increased energy levels and improved response times.
  • Faster recovery: B vitamins also play a role in muscle function and recovery. COREBRAL can contribute to faster recovery after exercise, allowing horses and camels to return to peak performance sooner.


  • COREBRAL is ideal for supporting racing horses and camels during:
    • Periods of intense training and competition to enhance focus, improve cognitive function, and support faster recovery.
    • Travel to help manage stress and maintain mental clarity during transport.
    • Recovery from illness or injury to support cognitive function and overall well-being during the healing process.


  • Do not administer COREBRAL to pregnant or lactating animals without consulting a veterinarian.
  • Consult a veterinarian before use in animals with pre-existing medical conditions or on medication.

Product Rating:

While independent product ratings for COREBRAL are not readily available, its comprehensive formulation addressing cognitive function, energy production, and recovery suggests its potential to be a valuable tool in supporting the mental and physical demands placed on racing horses and camels. By promoting focus, reducing oxidative stress, and aiding recovery, COREBRAL can contribute to a competitive edge and improved performance in these high-caliber athletes.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing any supplements to your animal's diet.

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