Vita Min Plus Amino-Bplex1kg Powder Xjp

VITA MIN PLUS AMINO-BPLEX 1KG POWDER XJP: Comprehensive Nutritional Support for Racing Horses and Camels

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VITA MIN PLUS AMINO-BPLEX 1KG POWDER XJP is a veterinarian-administered nutritional supplement specifically formulated to provide comprehensive support for racing horses and camels . This unique blend combines essential vitamins and minerals , valuable amino acids , and the entire spectrum of B-complex vitamins , addressing various physiological needs crucial for optimal performance and well-being in these high-performing animals.


  • Enhanced Nutrient Availability: VITA MIN PLUS AMINO-BPLEX 1KG POWDER XJP provides a comprehensive range of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, potentially addressing deficiencies that can arise due to increased nutrient demands during training and competition.
  • Improved Energy Production: B-complex vitamins play a vital role in energy metabolism, while certain amino acids can serve as building blocks for muscle protein synthesis. This combination can contribute to improved energy production and muscle function , supporting peak performance.
  • Stronger Immune System: Essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, contribute to a robust immune system , making animals less susceptible to infections and illnesses that can impact training and competition schedules.
  • Overall Health and Well-being: By providing a well-rounded blend of nutrients, VITA MIN PLUS AMINO-BPLEX 1KG POWDER XJP can promote overall health and well-being , allowing animals to reach their full potential.


  • Supplementing the diet of racing horses and camels to address potential nutritional deficiencies, particularly during periods of intense training and competition.
  • Supporting optimal energy production, muscle function, and overall health for peak performance.
  • Contributing to a strong immune system to help prevent infections and illnesses.


  • VITA MIN PLUS AMINO-BPLEX 1KG POWDER XJP is for veterinary use only . It should never be administered to animals without the guidance and supervision of a qualified veterinarian.
  • Overdosing on vitamins and minerals can be harmful. Always follow the recommended dosage and consult a veterinarian before use.
  • This product is not intended for use in pregnant or lactating animals without consulting a veterinarian.

Product Rating:

As VITA MIN PLUS AMINO-BPLEX 1KG POWDER XJP is a veterinary product, it is not available for consumer purchase and therefore lacks publicly available user reviews or ratings. Consulting with a veterinarian experienced in equine and camel care can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and potential benefits of this supplement for your specific needs.

It is important to note that this information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as veterinary advice. Always consult with a qualified veterinarian for diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and proper administration of any supplement, including VITA MIN PLUS AMINO-BPLEX 1KG POWDER XJP.

Vitamin A Vitamin D3 10,000 k 1,000 iu Vitamin E 10 mg Vitamin B1 HCI Vitamin B2 2 mg 4 mg Pantathenic acid 10 mg Vitamin B6 HCI 1.5 mg Vitamin C 25 mg Vitamin K3 1.5 mg Folic Acid 500 ug Nicotinamide 20 mg Biotin 15 ug Inositol 8.0 mg Methionine 50 mg Lysine 50 mg Alanine 12.96 mg Arginine 15.6 mg Aspartic Acid 27.8 mg Cystine 1.9 mg Gluctamic acid 85 mg Glycine 8g Histidine 11.8 mg Isoleucine 23.6 mg Leucine 35.4 mg Phenylatanine 19.0 mg Proline 39.2 mg Serine 24.0 mg Threonine 18.6 mg Tryptophane 6.4 mg Valine 27.4 mg

Orally, via the drinking water (Always make a presolution in about 10 litres of water).

50-100 g per 200 L of drinking water during 4-8 consecutive days , 100 g per 100 L during 3-5 consecutive days.

Cattle, Sheep Goats & Horses: of drinking water,

Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.

By Feed:

Large Animals under 1000 lbs: 60 g (6 tablespoons level)daily mix with the feed.

Large Animals over 1000 lbs: 90 g (9 tablespoons level) dally mix with the feed.

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Vita Min Plus Amino-Bplex1kg Powder Xjp