Pregtone 10ml Inj Selmor

PREGTONE 10ML INJ SELMORE: Important Information for Equine Breeders

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PREGTONE 10ML INJ SELMORE is a veterinarian-prescribed injectable medication containing the hormone eCG (equine chorionic gonadotropin) . While it may be used in certain equine breeding practices, it is crucial to understand its limited applications, potential risks, and ethical considerations .

Important Note:

  • PREGTONE 10ML INJ SELMORE is not commercially available in many countries and should never be used without a veterinarian's guidance and supervision.
  • Its use in racing horses and camels is generally not recommended due to potential health risks and ethical concerns.

Limited Applications:

In some controlled breeding scenarios, veterinarians may use eCG to:

  • Induce ovulation in mares with delayed or irregular estrus cycles.
  • Synchronize ovulation in a group of mares for breeding purposes.

However, these applications are uncommon and come with significant drawbacks**:

  • PREGTONE 10ML INJ SELMORE should only be administered by a qualified veterinarian familiar with its proper use and potential complications.
  • Improper use can lead to serious side effects in mares, including:
    • Ovarian cysts
    • Endometritis (uterine infection)
    • Increased risk of twins (a dangerous complication in horses)
  • Ethical concerns surround the use of hormones like eCG in equine breeding, as it can be seen as manipulating natural reproductive processes.


Veterinarians have access to various safer and more ethical methods for managing equine reproduction, including:

  • Ultrasound monitoring to track ovulation timing
  • Nutritional management to optimize reproductive health
  • Natural breeding practices that do not involve hormone manipulation


PREGTONE 10ML INJ SELMORE is a restricted medication with limited applications and significant risks. Its use in racing horses and camels is generally discouraged due to ethical concerns and the availability of safer alternatives.

Always consult a qualified veterinarian for any breeding-related concerns in your horses or camels. They can provide guidance on ethical and effective breeding practices that prioritize animal welfare and long-term reproductive health.

Each ml contains Progesterone 25mg

Administer the following doses by intramuscular injection daily or alternate days.
Cattle / Buffalo: 2-4ml for 150 – 300kg body weight
Sheep/Goat: 1-2ml
Cat/Bitch: 0.1-0.4ml

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Pregtone 10ml Inj Selmor