For pet owners seeking a natural and effective way to support their furry companions' digestive and immune health, FLORTEK presents a revolutionary solution. This innovative prebiotic supplement, formulated specifically for cats and dogs of all ages and breeds, harnesses the power of carefully selected beneficial bacteria strains.

A Flourishing Microbiome for a Healthier Pet

The gut microbiome, a complex ecosystem teeming with trillions of microorganisms, plays a crucial role in your pet's overall health. These microscopic residents contribute significantly to digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune function. Disruptions in the delicate balance of the gut microbiome, caused by factors like stress, dietary changes, or antibiotic use, can lead to a cascade of digestive woes like diarrhea, constipation, and gas. FLORTEK steps in to address these concerns by promoting a flourishing gut microbiome.

Targeted Support for Digestive and Immune Health

FLORTEK boasts a unique blend of prebiotics, the "food" for beneficial bacteria. These prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of these good bacteria, fostering a healthy gut environment. By fortifying the gut microbiome, FLORTEK can effectively:

  • Alleviate Digestive Discomfort: Promote regular bowel movements and reduce instances of diarrhea, constipation, and flatulence.
  • Enhance Nutrient Absorption: A healthy gut microbiome improves the breakdown and absorption of essential nutrients from your pet's food, ensuring optimal nutrition.
  • Strengthen Immune Defenses: A robust gut microbiome acts as a first line of defense against harmful pathogens, keeping your pet healthy and protected.

Safe and Simple for Everyday Use

FLORTEK is meticulously formulated with pet safety in mind. It contains only high-quality, veterinarian-approved ingredients, free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The convenient daily powder format allows for easy administration. Simply sprinkle the recommended dosage (based on your pet's weight) onto their food, and watch them gobble it up with their regular meal.

Storage Recommendations and Rave Reviews

For optimal potency, store FLORTEK in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Customer reviews consistently praise FLORTEK's effectiveness in promoting digestive regularity and overall pet health. Many users report a noticeable improvement in their pet's coat condition, energy levels, and general well-being.

Give Your Pet the Gift of a Thriving Microbiome

By incorporating FLORTEK into your pet's daily routine, you're investing in their long-term health and happiness. With its focus on promoting a healthy gut microbiome, FLORTEK empowers your pet's digestive and immune systems, allowing them to thrive and live life to the fullest. Consult your veterinarian to learn more about how FLORTEK can benefit your furry friend.

Each ml contains 300 mg of florfenicol.

ntramuscular application: In cattle, it is administered only to the neck region at the dose of 1 ml for 15 kg bw (20 mg florfenicol / kg bw). It keeps its effective concentration in blood for 48 hours.

Subcutaneous application: In cattle, it is administered at the dose of 2 ml for 15 kg bw (40 mg florfenicol / kg bw) in cattle. It keeps its effective concentration in blood for 84 - 156 hours (3.5 - 6.5 days). Single dosage is sufficient for subcutaneous application.

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