Cal-Phos 10kg


 Cal-Phos 10Kg

Equipping your equine and camel athletes with the necessary nutritional foundation is crucial for optimal health, performance, and recovery. Introducing Cal-Phos 10Kg, a veterinarian-recommended equine and camel mineral supplement designed to bridge potential dietary gaps and support vital physiological functions.

Cal-Phos 10Kg provides a precisely balanced combination of calcium and phosphorus, essential minerals for strong bones, teeth, and proper muscle function. During growth and development, young horses and camels require significant calcium for proper bone mineralization. Cal-Phos 10Kg acts as a vital building block, ensuring a strong skeletal structure to prevent future weaknesses and deformities.

For adult horses and camels engaged in rigorous training or competition, Cal-Phos 10Kg offers a multitude of benefits. Calcium plays a key role in muscle contraction and relaxation, while phosphorus contributes to cellular energy production within muscles. By ensuring these minerals are readily available, Cal-Phos 10Kg can promote optimal muscle function, potentially leading to improved performance and faster recovery times after exercise.

Furthermore, calcium plays a critical role in nerve transmission, impacting muscle control and coordination. Maintaining appropriate calcium levels with Cal-Phos 10Kg can contribute to a well-functioning nervous system, potentially enhancing overall athletic performance.

Cal-Phos 10Kg is also formulated to address potential dietary deficiencies in calcium and phosphorus. These imbalances can arise due to various factors, including:

  • Diet: Base forages may not always provide sufficient quantities of these minerals.
  • Age: As animals mature, their mineral requirements can change.
  • Breed: Certain breeds may have a higher genetic predisposition for mineral deficiencies.
  • Physiological Demands: Training and competition significantly increase the demand for these minerals.

By supplementing with Cal-Phos 10Kg, you can help ensure your equine and camel partners receive the essential minerals they need to thrive.

Product Administration and Storage:

Cal-Phos 10Kg comes in a convenient powder form, allowing for easy incorporation into your animal's daily feeding regimen. The recommended dosage will vary depending on the animal's age, weight, and activity level. It's vital to consult your veterinarian for the most appropriate dosage specific to your animal's needs.

Store Cal-Phos 10Kg in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, to maintain product efficacy.

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Customer reviews for Cal-Phos 10Kg consistently praise its effectiveness in supporting bone health, muscle function, and overall well-being in horses and camels. Many users report a noticeable improvement in their animals' performance and recovery after exercise.

Invest in Champion Performance with Cal-Phos 10Kg

By providing your equine and camel athletes with the essential building blocks for optimal health, you're empowering them to achieve their full potential. Cal-Phos 10Kg offers a veterinarian-recommended solution to bridge potential dietary gaps and support peak performance. For a well-developed skeletal system, proper muscle function, and a well-functioning nervous system, consider incorporating Cal-Phos 10Kg into your animal's care regimen. Consult your veterinarian today to discuss if Cal-Phos 10Kg is the right choice for your equine or camel partner.

Calcium Carbonate 50% Dicalcium Phosphate 25% Sodium Chloride 25%

Horses 100g per day
Foals & Ponies 50g per day

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Cal-Phos 10kg

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