What is Aminolean?

Aminolean is an injectable solution of glucose, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for application in horses, cattle and pigs as a restorative and rehydrating agent.

It is indicated as support in the support treatment of weakened animals as a result of severe dehydration caused by diarrhea and other pathologies; helps restore the electrolyte, energy and protein balance associated with these conditions. It is an excellent adjuvant in the treatment of convalescent animals and those recovering from digestive problems, and in those cases where there is excessive protein loss (postpartum hemorrhages) and electrolyte imbalance.


Effective: Improves the ability of high-performance animals.
Fast acting: For use in animals that require rapid recovery in situations of stress or illness.
Compatible: Ideal as a support treatment in situations of medication, deworming or convalescent animals.
Safe: FDA approved.

Each 100 mL contains: Dextrose 5.0 g Calcium chloride 15.0 mg Potassium chloride 20.0 mg Magnesium sulfate 20.0 mg Sodium acetate 250.0 mg Histidine 0.9 mg DL-Methionine 0.3 mg Tryptophan 0.3 mg lsoleucine 1.6 mg Arginine 1.0 mg Phenylalanine 1.0 mg Valine 2.0 mg Lycine 2.5 mg L-Threonine 1.4 mg Aspartic Acid 2.0 mg Serine 1.6 mg Glutamic Acid 6.7 mg Proline 3.3 mg Glycine 0.6 mg Alanine 0.8 mg Tyrosine 0.2 mg Riboflavin 4.0 mg Nicotinamide 150.0 mg Thiamine 10.0 mg Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 5.0 mg D- Panthenol (Vitamin B5) 5.0 mg Niacinamide (Form Vit B3) 150 mg Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) 10 mg Hydrolyzed casein 37 mg

Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Goats: 2 mL per kg of live weight via IV or lntraperitoneal.

Safe for racing, free of banned substances; consult veterinarian.

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