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DEXA 4: Comprehensive Electrolyte and Dextran Solution for Racing Horses and Camels

DEXA 4 is a comprehensive intravenous (IV) fluid therapy solution specifically formulated for racing horses and camels. This vital formulation replenishes electrolytes, fluids, and energy, promoting optimal hydration and recovery in these high-performing animals.


  • Rapid rehydration: DEXA 4 provides essential fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat, exertion, and other causes, promoting rapid and effective rehydration.
  • Improved performance: Proper hydration is crucial for optimal performance in racing horses and camels. DEXA 4 helps maintain electrolyte balance and energy levels, contributing to peak performance capabilities.
  • Supports recovery: Following periods of exertion or illness, DEXA 4 can aid in the recovery process by replenishing lost fluids and nutrients, facilitating faster recuperation.
  • Convenient administration: The intravenous route of administration ensures rapid and efficient delivery of the essential components directly into the bloodstream.


DEXA 4 is indicated for the following purposes in racing horses and camels:

  • Treatment of dehydration: This can occur due to various factors, including exercise, heat stress, and illness.
  • Electrolyte replacement: DEXA 4 replenishes essential electrolytes lost through sweat or other means, maintaining proper physiological balance.
  • Supportive therapy: It can be used as a supportive treatment during recovery from illness, surgery, or other conditions where fluid and electrolyte balance are crucial.


  • Do not administer DEXA 4 to animals with pre-existing heart or kidney conditions unless specifically directed by a veterinarian.
  • Use proper aseptic technique during administration to prevent the risk of infection.
  • Consult with a veterinarian before using DEXA 4 in pregnant or lactating animals.

Please note: This information is for general guidance only and should not be a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Always consult with a qualified veterinarian before administering any medication to your animal.

Product Rating:

While a comprehensive product rating system is not available for veterinary medications, DEXA 4 is generally well-regarded by veterinarians and horse/camel owners for its effectiveness in rapidly rehydrating, replenishing electrolytes, and supporting recovery in racing animals.

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DEXA 4 | دكسا 4